1. I not in my 50's, I will be 40 in Jan. I began noticing that my make up did not look like it did even 5 years ago. People used to call me the make up queen. I came across your videos after looking up comedix vit C Crystal's. Thank you so much for your tips. I will be checking out the foundations. I have been looking for months for a foundation that didnt feel heavy or cakey. I tried Dior not to long ago and I did like that one. Anyway thank you I look forward to watching more of your videos

  2. I know it's hard times for a lot of people but always be positive it makes a lot of people around you positive . Thank you team leader, love your videos 👍☺️ keep them eyes up!!!!

  3. I keep your videos on while I'm working around the house because I find your voice soothing and joyful, and I enjoy all the great tips. I've learned much from your channel — thank you for all you do!

  4. I will be 50 in 6 months and I am so grateful to find your channel. I find I have always been youthful and active but approaching this big birthday has brought on a bit of an identity crisis. Thank you for being here to ease us into this new exciting phase of life! Bless you. 💋

  5. Hi Shellea, I'm not quite up there yet but I love your attitude!

    And I agree, (and I've heard other ppl say this too, and not just women), I never felt at home in my own skin until I hit 40.

    And I think that dint older women get on the outer edge of their eyes is really attractive – it gives a finer (refined if you like) look. Mine has only just started.

    I am a huge believer in loving the skin your in but I'm still learning this – I heard someone say once that you need to learn to love and treasure your body (to be content with your own assets etc) because it is what gets you from A to B. And that's all it really comes down to – one day we won't have these bodies and we'll get around by other means I guess but while we have them we need to appreciate them and be grateful.

    (I'm a nurse and I was looking after a patient a few weeks back and she was in her 90s and had a lot of health problems but she was SO positive and so grateful for all she DID have in her life – such a pleasure to be around someone like that and learn from them. She was looking forward to turning a hundred 🤗)

  6. Interesting I have worked many years in customer service jobs and learned that a gentle smile made me more approachable. Now after watching this video I think the habit of gentle purposefully smiling is part of the reason people think I am so much younger than I am. Smiling makes me happier and those around me seem happier too.

  7. I LOVE tip one! 😊 I tried it and immediately I feel better and am now ready to go out into the world and shine! I don't wear much make up (maybe when I grow up I will lol!) but I drink lots of water and of course exercise daily. I will be 60 next year but feel happier and actually have less pain in my body than I did when I was 30. It's so nice to see how many women you have inspired just with this one video. Keep spreading the love!

  8. This is a dynamite presentation. Thank you? I need all the help I
    can get! On the front side of 60 and I use to do this everyday and it would just put me in a happy mood! I rarely do this anymore due to teeth, they broke so when I smile or talk smile my ugly teeth are front and center. 😭 The public literally treat and look at me as a
    "Druggie". So do you habe any suggestions for me ANF others in the same boat. Oh and thank you again! 💥

  9. I wear little to no make up so I appreciate your quick on the go tips. LOL the hair pull back is hilarious but it does work – I love how you were laugh/sharing it with us. It's like secret lift band

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