1. Just developed tennis elbow a month ago. The sports med doc gave me some exercises to do and it seems to hurt even more. I’ll try some of these. Is this something that will plague me the rest of my life or does it eventually go away?

  2. Ok my FBI agent knows more about me then i thought. Woke up with a stiff elbow and this was the first video on my recommendations. Amazing simple exercises with awesome results. Y’all rock!!!

  3. Just started getting this.. but I call it Lawn Mower elbow…. cuz I don't tennis… going to try these techniques along with Dynamic Tape strapping.

  4. How many times a day should i do the resistance training.. I'm going to start doing this to help with my elbow.. both are hurting pretty bad.. been doing physical labor my whole life. Making more of a change and considering changing jobs.. Body is getting tired

  5. Do you have any advice for continuing weight training with tennis elbow,  what techniques can I use to keep with my training program while suffering with tennis elbow.  I have been recommended to use gloves with hooks to stop gripping the bars etc.  Been told gripping is the cause.Love you guys 🙂

  6. Thank you both for such great advice… I am actually injured and also feel the tightness not only on the elbow part you pinpointed but also on my extensors attached to my wrist is this typical symptom for tennis elbow. Thanks in advance definitely subscribed!

  7. I do alot of out door stuff in my job and at the house.Shovel work i have done many many times and it has effected my left arm,not just the shovel though because through the years i have used the weed eater hours and hours of it and my elbow is always bent and my hand is always on the trigger using the equipment.Today i was working my garden with the shovel (very minimal today) and man it flared up again.The pain in the forearm muscle and right in that bone area.Thanks for the tips ill try the techniques because it does effect activites big time such as using dumbbells/weights when trying to work out.

  8. I have it for 4 months, I have paid until now 400€ for MRI scan , fyshio ,and elbow splint and still nothing happened, I am so sad I am about to quit my job and have rest until gets better

  9. It is now 4:02 AM in Alabama and I am in SO much pain from tennis elbow! Last time I went to an Orthopedic Dr., he gave me 5 steriod shots for it on the same day. I didn't sleep for a week. I am praying these tips will help me because I can't sleep for the awful pain. Thank you both!

  10. Thank you for this tip gentlemen! I am officially subscribed too! My left elbow situation consists of a non-tennis elbow but a similar pain. I somehow, while at work I bang up part of my forearm and elbow at a swinging door, at least that's what I remembered a few months ago. I don't remember if I have ever put an ice pack on it, but just rubbed it until the soreness went away. But I noticed that there was a slight lingering soreness that never went away. Its been over a few months now, and this elbow is still not fully recovered and feels sore and tender. I have placed ice on each night, but haven't tried any of these massage techniques that you gentlemen mentioned above. I am a 50-year-old man, so I know that my recovery time is very different. Hence, if you have any other suggestions please let me know! Greatly appreciated! Cheers!

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