1. Yes I let my rice water sit in the bowl for about a day and then I make sure I keep mixing it mixing it mixing it mixing it to make sure it gets really cloudy

    Then I strain it and poured into a bottle and put it in the fridge

  2. I'm 13 years old and struggling to grow my hair. I used rice water for 4 weeks and the only results I've seen was my hair being less untangled and not growth. 😔 My hair is a little past my collar bone and my goal is to reach my armpit.

  3. I tried rice water once and I didn't have any oils so when me and my brother used it… our hair smelt worse than wet dog and dog sh**t for days.
    As I was watching this vid..I could smell and taste it. :0

  4. I am really interested in the rice water so I was wondering Vanessa if I can add u in Facebook so we can chat more that way cause it is hard for me this way , I keep loose our conversations this way.

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