1. This is the best I seen on Achilles tendinitis on YouTube so far and I have seen at least 20. A lot of great info!! I would like to ask your opinion on the best kind of shoes to ware when you have this problem and have FLAT FEET please. Thank you for all the great info

  2. Thank you so much for the great information! I have a question about the diet: is it true that you should avoid meat and dairy products when you have tendon problems or is it just important that you get as many nutrients as possible?

  3. Every stranger on you-tube according to subscribers who watch these type of videos claim there results are better then the medical advice they were given by their doctors. Either people are lying or their not listening to their doctors. The people on the internet are just you-tube stars anyone can go on the internet and say anything.

  4. It worked. After 6 weeks of pain in my right heel, I can tell it is healing. I did the trigger point message on the right side only. The next morning the left side was tighter while doing heal lift exercises and the right side is getting better. Thank you!

  5. It will be interesting for ur future self to watch this video when ur even more of a genius – so informative. What exercises will allow me to lift up onto my toes with the injured foot? Been over a year now.

  6. Tried the trigger point therapy for my Achilles Tendinitis. It is amazing how much pain I found in my calf and shin. The other leg where I don't have the tendinitis, I don't have pain in my calf or shin. Seems to be something to this.

  7. WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? I would love to see you in person. You give So Much great info! Super informative. Super knowledgeable. You really should be doing some in person hands-on therapy. People in pain would pay you.

  8. Thanks so much. Your a smart kid. Better than most doctors. I've had Achilles insertional problem for 4 years, last month it finally got too bad to run, because I over did it on hills and pushed too hard in a race while it was aggravated. I've stopped running now for 3 weeks, started all these types of treatment and seen amazing progress already. I can walk with no pain, morning there is no pain. Changed my diet and feel great. I hope to run again easy in a month, but I'm being patient this time. thanks again.

  9. Lots of great info.
    Id suggest watching this several times to absorb all this info.
    I am curious, about your background.
    Are you studying to be a Dr?

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