1. I never leave comments, but wanted to let you know that I love to watch your videos! I have been a fan for years and really appreciate your genuine and honest personality. You give great recommendations and I always find great lip colors thanks to you! I have learned so much from watching you and want to thank you. I truly trust and appreciate your opinions.

  2. I'm new to your channel and tutorials. You are my favorite. You're so genuine and informative. I ordered your Emily palettes from Ulta. Can't wait to get them! Thank you for doing all the research and making it easy for us all ♡

  3. Emily, how do you feel about the Born this Way Foundation since you like the Concealer? Im having a primer/foundation/powder crisis, i have about 20 of each, but NO COMBO seems to wear well, not even my old faves that used to work in my 20s, but after i hit 30 and became very dry/dry/dehydrated or at best combo after a peel… nothing wants to not suck all moisture out of my skin no matter how much moisturizer/ hyluralic acid/ moisturizer/ oils/ spray etc.. and nothing will cover my suddenly huge pores (though they're not blackheads or congested, just empty potholes that seriously appeared overnight) I even tried a different setting spray, instead of COVER FX, i bought UD All Nighter, and if my makeup doesnt just dry up entirely, it seperates, or comes off completely from random spots, like within 2hrs it was gone from my entire upper lip, (I wasnt sweating, didnt eat, didnt touch my face….) ugh im lost and want to buy before the Sephora sale is over

  4. Blush always looks so good on Emily. Even the deep shades! My skin is fairer and I have a hard time making medium to deep shades look nice. I often end up with a slightly clownish look. I do the "right" things – minimal product, knock off the excess, place the blush slightly behind the apples of my cheeks, blend carefully back and forward to the apples of my cheeks. Anyone know how she makes it look so nice. Possibly a different brush?

  5. Hi Emily, I made timestamps for your video. Hope your subscribers feel helpful :)❤️

    Share this URL : https://www.qsht.style/v/VH7YHwbT
    [0:52] BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick – Cashew
    [3:17] Too Faced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer – Nude
    [4:18] Sigma Flat Foundation Brush
    [5:42] Profusion Blush I & II Palettes
    [7:08] Profusion Contour I Palette
    [9:25] Farsali Rose Gold 24K Skin Mist
    [10:56] Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper – Rosewood
    [12:18] Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper – Soft Rose
    [12:43] Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper – Luminoso

    Channel by Emily Noel
    Timestamp by Denissa
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  6. The regular complexion rescue is SO greasy and oily and smears and rubs off all over the place! It just feels like SLIME. I am afraid that stick is going to be just the same. I also absolutely HATE the It CC cream for the same reason AND it also turns orange. I am wondering if the stick is like those 2?

  7. Does anyone have opinions or input on using blush on eyes? So many palettes lately have eye and cheek products. I don't really need or want the blush. But, some of the colors could work on eyes. Is there really any difference in the formulas of these powder products that would prevent using them as shadow?

  8. Those blush palettes look lovely however every single drugstore priced blush I've tried except the Just Blushing from LA Girl has oxidized on me. I'm still tempted though, so good job lol. Thanks for the vid as always 😊

  9. Hi Emily ! Can you do a Burt’s Bees makeup video. And I really need to learn how to buy drugstore foundation. I use Cargo onebase. But really need to figure out how to buy something cheaper. Can you do a tutorial on this. Please !! Love your channel. Cecilia from Texas

  10. Great favorites Em!! Totally running to pick up the Bare Minerals foundation stick! Can't wait to try it out. I have oily skin, does it hold up well throughout the day as far as staying fairly matte?

  11. I know you have tested a ton of different setting spray, is there any way you can do a setting spray showdown video? Ive been using the same dewy one for awhile now, and I would like to try new ones but don't know where to start. Love you guys, and I hope cupcake is still doing better 😺😺😺😺

  12. EMILY!! I have a huge request: can you please do a video on how prep textured skin – huge pores, chicken skin, bumps on the skin and spots. I don’t know what to do i hate the way my makeup looks on my skin :’( i do look after my skin moisturise etc but still my makeup looks horrible.

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