1. How can you tell between a cyst and a mole? My service dog seems to have a new, what I am calling a mole, on his left shoulder. It doesn't seem to hurt him when I squeeze it even pretty hard up to an amount of pressure I would expect him to be at least a bit uncomfortable but he rarely shows pain. Unfortantly. So, its hard to tell. I am not sure if its something to see the vet for or not. People look at me funny and say "you want to see your vet for a new mole on your dog". Its hard to know when to see a vet or not. Its not growing. But it almost seemed to appear overnight. Being that he is a service dog, I keep a close eye on every inch of him. He provides heavy mobility support and braces for me using his front shoulders and so it worries me that its on his shoulder. I am worried that it can cause pain while bracing. It is firm. And it seems to be on his skin only. So, I have pinched it and it really doesn't seemed to be attached to anything under it but again, hard to tell. It is very firm and doesn't ooze anything out. Any ideas on what that could be and if it is something to see a vet over? I know moles can be common on dogs and even new moles may not be of concern. Was just wondering your ideas being a vet and all.

    ETA: Oh, also, it is small. Smaller then a dime size. Maybe a pencil eraser size.

    ETA again: It def is a pencil eraser size. I just saw your lipmoas video too and I do want to say that although my service dog is 6 years old, he is very fit. Ran daily. And I feed him 3/4 kibble and 1/4 rehydrated freeze dried raw along ground with raw eggs as well as the egg shell and fish oil. I used to feed him half and half kibble and raw (ground frozen, not freeze dried) and it was much higher quality kibble then I feed now. I stopped doing that simply because I couldn't afford it. I can afford higher quality kibble and have been meaning to go back to the higher quality brand I was on because he has allergies. He is a pitbull and they are known for allergies. He is allergic to grass but I suspect allergic to chicken and every dog kibble, even high quality, has sime form of chicken in it. I could only find 2 brands that did not have any chicken of any kind in anyway in it. So, been meaning to get him back on that kibble.

    Other then that, the only other change was a joint suppliment. Again, due to cost restrictions. I try, really hard but being disabled does mean limited income which also means limited abilty to spend. Will try some of the suggestions in the limphoms video. I just wanted to say that though he is getting older, he is in no way over weight. He won't even over eat. Which made part ribble (measured in cups) and part raw (measured in weight) easier.

  2. Make sure after final treatment of these steps either the next day to wipe off the tropical type ointment with a warm cloth. I didn't and days later I picked clumps or hair and Aloe Vera off the back of my dogs neck and where the cyst was leaving a big area of now bare raw skin. I feel so bad while I washed the area with a warm wet cloth, hope my dogs hair grow's back, let alone hope the area doesn't continue to loose more of my dogs hair. I treated the area with the antibacterial solution and Bee's Salve and will monitor it more closely every day.

  3. My dog has a cyst like this but it is a different kind it is not in a duct? It doesn't ooze ever. But, I have had it tested and it's not cancerous. I've drained it a few times with a hypodermic needle, it keeps coming back. The vet said it has to be surgerically removed, I can't afford surgery right now. Is there anything more I can be doing at home?

  4. I have a 10 year old lab that has cysts between his toes and has had them for years. Hes has been to just about every vet in town and an out of town doggy dermatologist. Nobody can find a remedy to make them go away. He takes about $300 a month in medicine that doesn't work. Please help.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge! I came across this video after our vet wanted almost $500 to remove a cyst from our dog’s leg. We’ve been using the compress and coconut oil and it is almost gone in less than two weeks! She’s not impressed during the process but she will be when she realizes it’s gone. We are all about alternative medicine so I have now subscribed in order to treat our Little Bit the same as we do ourselves!

  6. My dog has a cyst right on her anal opening. Is it a cyst or is it a gland? I have seen dogs with this symptom and how they squeeze this area to drain the cyst. Is that the method to use?
    Thanks, Dr. Jones.

  7. I diluted the tea tree oil with grapeseed oil, and applied it to the three paws with cysts. I started reading articles online about tea tree oil toxicity and now I have a lot of anxiety about whether or not I just poisoned my dog 🙁 I cleaned the diluted oil out with a cleansing wipe about 10 minutes after applying. I hope my doggie will be okay…I wish I didn't use such a risky remedy 🙁

  8. i'm praying you will please respond hence age of video…i don't have the funds to take my cat to vet, she has a cyst on her left side of face between eye & ear but closer to eye that has grown to about size close to nickel as is the depth also, it is soft & i'm afraid it might explode…she is 8 1/2, had her since few weeks old, she still eats like a pig & doesn't seem to affect her but i'm scared, she is everything to me as i am to her. i took my cat to vet oct 2018 for her leukemia shot & allergy shot for biting due to weather change & i showed cyst to vet then but nothing in size like now, she told me it was ok then since not affecting her in anyway but i asked her how much it would cost to have removed & it was almost $500, there was no way i could afford that & they want 60% upfront, now it probaly be double that price cause of size…….i watched the video but she doesn't like when touch it of course, which one of these remedies should i try 1st & is it even smart to try drain just a bit i'm really getting worried it's gonna explode………..thank you & god bless…….lord please help me

  9. Boo-boo has been getting reoccurring elbow cysts since his diabetes diagnosis. Antibiotics clear it up, however day 3-4 after he's ended the antibiotics, they come back quickly. I wonder if there is an antibiotic he should be on daily? Just 1 a day perhaps?

  10. My dog won't let me near her sebaceous cysts and she is starting to have quite a few. We had 1 biopsied a few years back & a couple have opened on their own so I know that is what they are.
    I am also having trouble with her teeth developing plack that smells HORRIBLE within a week of having an very well done anesthesia free cleaning which we have done every 6 months.
    She is a beautiful little yorkie and she is getting a lo less loveies from guests because of the bumps & breath.
    Is their a shampoo that help s with the bloced areas for the cysts and a dogfood that creates less plack? She is not hav ing the whole tooth brushing idea & like I said the cysts she hates anyone near them & she goes nuts. Her oral hygienist is a witch or some sort of voodoo queen because they go in the room as enemies and with in a half hour best buddies come out & they both have sparkling white teeth.

  11. the easiest way to get a fatty lump to disappear is to massage the lump with your thumb and finger quite vigorously, do the for 10 mins morning and evening and the lump breaks up and disappears after a couple of days, my westie has these every now and again and it does the job. also use filtered water rather than straight form the tap!!

  12. In the recent past, A very small amount of Aloe gel topical application from my aloe plant made my dachshund really have severe esophageal spasms and some vomiting. Really appreciate the excellent video on treatment of sebaceous cysts.

  13. Thank you so much for this! Our vet says the same thing about leaving the bumps alone, but our guy has so many lumps and a large one like the lab you showed, but his is either under or growing between the ribs. I am going to try everything you suggested. Do you have a method to make pastils… drops with some of these ingredients so I can slip them in a treat? Our guy doesn't like too much in his food. Are green beans, peas, carrots, yams, and potatoes ok to feed or are they too high in carbs? I cook for our dogs everyday and rotate the vegetables…1/3 vegetables to 2/3 lean meat with fat drained off. Is that reasonable? They do get probiotics, glucosamine chondroitin, salmon oil, bone broth, and vitamins in their food. That is why it is hard to add more things into the meal. Thank you so much…I subscribed over a year ago.

  14. Thanks for sharing this awesome info! Do you have any advice for home treatment for a limpoma on a cat? Is there anything I can do to get rid of one at home? I'd really like to avoid cutting. 😻 Thanks in advance!

  15. A week ago "my" cat had a weird looking matted area behind his ear close to his head. To get a better look I gently pulled the fur back and white puss came out. I cleaned it then applied triple antibiotic on it. Other than fur loss I clipped off, it is almost completely healed.
    But, I noted below the abscess he has a hard lump. When I examined it he didn't respond with pain, unlike he did with the abscess. It isn't fixed, it moves.
    I'm wondering if it's a cyst or connected to the abscess. Should I try and extract with a syringe to see if anything comes out?
    Or should I use a warm compress?
    Is there something else topically I can apply as well?
    I can't afford a vet. He's fixed. He's
    a "community" cat but tends to stay with me more and more. And full grown when I moved here. He's now about 3yrs old. (My neighbor knew him when a kitten.) I wanted him to be an indoor cat but he refuses to use a cat litter box!
    So, doc, I really would appreciate your help!!! Please!!!
    Thank you!!!

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