1. Girl you look freaking amazing . I just booked today for tt with lipo and muscle repair. I'm going to seduction center Miami. So excited for April 2020! Girl your belly button is cute to me ! And I dgaf how mine is I'm getting it pierced eventually anyhow. But you got amazing results for real got me excited. Did you travel out of state?

  2. I think you look great. It is Nice to hear you say that some of the things don’t really bother you. Because you don’t really wear revealing clothing and all along you do this for yourself anyway. Thank you for the updates

  3. I need your workout partner! 😂 I just stumbled upon your channel this week. I've watched your whole tummy playlist. My surgery is coming up Wednesday the 31st. I'm also doing a breast lift and reduction. I'm a little nervous, but your videos have been the most helpful that I've seen. Thank you 😊

  4. I just found your videos. Love them. I’m just a week and two days out from my abdominalplasty. Thanks so much for suggesting the garment. I will deff check that out. Looks so much better then the one size fits all one from my doctor!! Is the coupon still available?

  5. Can you be able to do a full sit up after 2 years? I watched your 1 year update and you said your muscle was still tight at that time. Does your muscle goes back to normal without feeling tight now? I really hope that you read my comment and hope to hear your answer

  6. Dry brush your scar it will continue to fade take vitamin d, zinc, and all the vitamin b's. Oil your body with natural oils. I have surgery scars from a broken leg and it has been working for me.

  7. hi im from India…yr video ws vry inspirational fr me as i got my surgery done on 29 aug 18….n im vry happy with the results…i hav thnkig few ppl fr their stories n u r one of them….so thnk u onece again….

  8. You got a personal trainer to help you work out.. why did you choose surgery you could have just worked out…you didn’t even have a lot to loose before you got surgery you could have saved the money and time by just simply working out I’m not trying to be negative I’m just saying…

  9. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years. I remember being eager to watch your follow ups. Haven’t had any surgeries yet but planning for the near future. Thank you for your insight and inspiration. I’m ex-military too btw.

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