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    My fav salad dressing brands…if you're not going to make your own:

    Primal kitchen: High quality avocado oil, no sugar, keto, paleo, & whole30 approved

    Chosen foods: Avocado oil, clean ingredients, same as primal

    Bragg vinaigrette: Only brand using extra virgin olive oil, barely any salt, amazing ingredients

    I like these brands, but they could do a bit better:

    Organic girl: Wish they used the same oils as above and not so keen on agave nectar bc it's high in fructose

    Tessemae’s: Great ingredients, but why can't you use avo oil or EVOO!?

    Annie's organic: Could use better oil and wish they did not use cane sugar

    Bolthouse organic: How this one is so much better than the standard one is wrong..so so wrong.

    Daiya: Don't love it, but it passes my test

    O'dang hummus dressing: wish it had organic chickpeas, they do use EVOO, but one flavor had carrageenan

    Avoid fat free dressings like Walden farms, they are loaded with emulsifiers, preservatives, and splenda sugar…Barf!

    Stay away from these brands and any that use canola or soybean oil, unless they are expeller pressed and non-gmo.(but you can still do much better)

    Hidden valley

    Kraft anything





    Newman's own


    You get the idea…

  2. Love what you're doing. Very, very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you. Would like to ask about expeller-pressed vs high olelc vs organic oils? What is a NO or "Bobby Approved"?

  3. I hate bottled dressings….I make mine in my kitchen….the herbs are from my potted herb garden. Only the best ingredients. Very simple to make and it much better for you. Since the invention of the internet you would be crazy not to make them yourself.

  4. Love your reviews. But what do you mean by almost busted? Are you not supposed to use cameras, wouldn't they see you on the security footage? I like the code name WALDO that you used in another video.

  5. Can you offer feedback/opinion on the new O'Dang Hummus Dressings? Like the Roasted Red Pepper flavor. Can be found at Wal-Mart. I did a Control F on this page to see if anyone had mentioned it and it shows 1 time but I couldn't find it. Sorry if you addressed this already. We are interested in trying it but would like your opinion first. And I did look for your No-No's. The only item that I would be unsure of is the EVOO as it doesn't state Expellor or Cold Pressed but forgot if that was in reference to EVOO. Thanks!!!

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