1. Saw a Durian Rider video a long ass time ago. He was trying to prove that fat is bad and sugar won't make you gain weight. He did so by literally just eating sugar (along with his very low fat high carb vegan diet). This explains why he wasn't able to gain weight. He's a psychopath extremely glucose dependent on top of cycling. Even adding straight sugar to what he already eats couldn't help him gain weight.

  2. Wow, best talk on insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome ever, even better than Bikman IMO. Ted needs a longer slot so he can pace this information a little more slowly, it's that Important. Wowww. Who the hell down voted this?

  3. I was a vegan for 17 years and had massive weight gain. It is been a struggle to get this weight off but I have to do it to save my life. I thought I was doing the right thing for my body being a vegan, turns out I was killing myself.

  4. I asked my PA for this test but she had no idea what I was talking about. No one in the clinic knew what I was talking about. 😳 They said they just do A1C tests. 😖 And it doesn’t help that I am a classic TOFI.

  5. The Mayo Clinic which is the highest rated medical center in the world strongly recommends avoiding ketogenic diets. The Mayo Clinic has developed diets based in the best science available. I'd be following theirs instead of these keto diets.

  6. I'm confused, he said that some people who looks lean and ripped but they are horrendous insulin resistance but in the end of the video he mentions that people should look like those bodybuilders?

  7. I wish my brain worked as fast as he talks. Would love to have this talk in written form so I could mull it over and take it in at a less rapid rate. whew, feel like I just got off a roller coaster ride.

  8. * So we're all eating the equivalent of obesigenic rat food, and our largely overweight doctors follow gubmint guidelines in suggesting that we continue with that program. WTF?
    * Carbs and the processed foods that bear them are poison. Either get the presently grotesquely abundant sugars/starches out of your life or ruin your life.
    * It is that simple – or am I missing something?

  9. Ted is wrong about something here – he basically implies that you need to eat a crazy kempner rice diet in order to eat a high carb diet and lose weight – I eat a diet that is 70 percent carbs 20 percent protein and 10 percent fat – my fasting glucose is 88 my fasting insulin is 4 – my Homa IR is .87 – it’s called insulin sensitivity and metabolic flexibility and it’s the exact opposite of someone on a keto diet – eat some carbs on a keto diet and your body goes into shock – if I eat a bunch of fat On occasion I’m fine – so while the science is right – ted is only telling half the story.

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