1. the interviewer completely misunderstood Erics rationale for adding muscle when the goal is losing weight, and does not seem to understand ketosis either. I'm surprised Eric didn't correct him – but I guess he wanted to appear less confrontational, and more pleasant as a consequence.

  2. I keep hearing you need carbohydrates to build muscle and get shredded lol. My question is how did humans not only survive but thrive and get super muscular during the ice age when plants were scarce and man ate mostly animals? Also could you explain warrior races like the Vikings who lived primarily on fish and animals? Or even other humans who were primarily hunters. Plants are seasonal in most of the world, how did man flourish when plants were scarce if not on animal protein and fats? Now I know someone is going to say but they didn't live as long but it really boils down to diet lifestyle and environment. They didn't have cushy houses and apartments, drive everywhere, sit around on computers, and watch television. Everything in their environment was trying to kill them, and they didn't have the technologies to fix themselves up when they got injured or sick.

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