1. SMH- you know I'm sorry but I feel a black woman should NEVER color or dye her hair in any way!👇😞 Black woman have the most beautiful natural stran of hair on earth!!!!👍😁 That's why everyone else is so envious and KOREANS make billions of dollars off our hair!!!!👇😞 It needs to stop!!!🛑🛑😈😈 anyway thanks for sharing and many blessings to you!👍😁

  2. Hey sis a lot of those tips you shared my sister and us always used those ,some of their colors are beautiful and hair styles I got my hair perm and got it cut again by my sister on today will get it curl tomorrow I always get my hair cut at different season ,I be hearing a lot of older ladies be telling mom blood pressure meds made their hair fall out mom own don't make hers fall out right weight lose can cause your hair fall out and also if you don't take care of your hair and eat plenty of foods that have what you need have healthy hair and also drink plenty of water too ,how's your mom?

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