1. Wow I’m loving Sunset Strip, it’s such a beautiful shade! I was wondering what the shade difference is between Bondi Bae and Sunkissed and which bronzer you would personally recommend for fair skin?? Thank you!

  2. Thank you Taylor. I just got my Nudies blush in Sunset strip. I really love it. I love how it blends on my skin making that really natural glow and blush look! This is a very well-thought product. Indeed a labor of love! ❤️

  3. I purchased nude stix tinted blur stick product today from sephora in aus as a 'foundation/ tint in colour: light2 . I am obsessed with this already. this is the answer to everything i have wanted for my skin. i have waited 26 years and have finally found a product that I actually love and actually matches my skin tone! holy grail

  4. Heyy…Just stumbled upon your channel & I'm in Love!! This is exactly the kind of look I love & I'm SO glad to have found your brand! All Your products seem phenomenal & I wanna buy each & every one of them!!
    Would work so well on my skin tone, but how do I purchase /order them here in India?!…
    Please Help!!

  5. Taylor I agree with you on the LANEIGE lip sleeping mask – love it! I know you have dry skin, but I would love to see a video on how to use your products for oily skin. I love your products but have not yet used them on my eyes. I have oily, but sometimes dehydrated skin.

  6. Gorgeous!! Everything, is mwah! So pretty! I know exactly what Mary Philips means when she says her favorite look on a woman is the beach sun kissed look!! I love that look as well and its my go to look all year long, who cares if its winter! Nudestix is my top favorite make up brand! I can't decide which of the 2 new products I want. Blush is my favorite and a must have to my look. I own a coral shade by Milani that I've bought for years now and its the exact same shade as Sunset Strip, so it would be great to complete my Nudestix collection with the new blush! As for the sunkiss bronze, I can't deny a lovely shade of terra cotta!!

  7. All of them are so pretty! I can't decide between Deep Maple, Eh and Sunkissed… which look would you recommend as a blush? I have porcelain pale skin, so I hope none of those beautiful shades would look muddy on me.

  8. I am so so so happy that I discovered Nudestix. I have the Royal Vixen kit because I'm a pale Asian girl who loves wearing strong red lips, and two of the nudies in Bare Back and Naughty N'Spice because I love a multi-tasking blush stick. I'm completely head over heals!! I love how easy and quick they are, and especially how they just brighten and enhance my whole complexion, even in bad skin days when I feel more self-conscious. I also love your tutorials here on YouTube and I'm a big fan of your instagram tutorials too 🙂 I live overseas so it may take some time for the new launches to arrive here but I am so down to wait until I get them!! Great job ladies, you guys are such inspiration 🙂 Lots of loves from France!

  9. I ordered a bunch of stuff from the website and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to try out nudestix. So excited to put my stuff to use. I’m of Indian descent and I used some of the pictures on nudestix Instagram to figure out some of the shades that would be most flattering on my skin tone. Do you think you could share a bit more of such content on your instagram? It would be so great to see and I’m sure others would find great use from this too!! Thanks for creating a brand for the busy woman whose work life doesn’t mesh with a full face of makeup!

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