1. I did the rice treatment and it really leave your hair so soft, lustrous and docile. It worked better on my hair dirty and dry for two hours than clean and damp overnight, I also had to put more coconut milk to get the desired consistency. The second time that I did it, which I got better results was with my dry and dirty hair and I used coconut cream cause I ran off of coconut milk. The smell is heavenly, I also used coconut oil cause it get along better with my hair chemestry than olive oil. You don't have to grate the rice, put everything in the blender.

  2. To whoever scrolling through the comments to see if it worked: i tryred the rice one yesterday and realy worked my hair feels soft and smooth but gotta say it was hard to put it on my hair and you have to wach it reaaaaaly well or it will make your hair oily

  3. To have straight hair it’s easy

    Just use hair rollers and put it under your hair and roll down,at the same time hair dry it 😀 if it doesn’t work sorry I don’t have any thing else

  4. Ouhh i get what she says grate the rice🤣.. just blend the rice to thick paste thats all😅 because i've seen a video that the person says grate the rice then she put into the blender

  5. I recently got my hair straight permanently and it made my life change!! A few days later i went swimming and i couldn’t wet it until 3 days had passed. So i had to use a swimming cap and it still got wet, and it wasn’t straight anymore. The day after that i had a shower and used 2 conditioners which is today, and it’s still not really the same now. I’m really sad about this… 😭

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