1. Stop giving the damn primer and lipstick every month. Also, I got different products than it was shown earlier in my account for January. Why ??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess you want customers to cancel their subscription!

  2. Hands down worst box I've received. Ive been subscribed for over a year. If Feb box is similar I'm cancelling. Ipsy is looking better these days. The products I received were lame one use foil packs that should be FREE…and a lip crayon Ive received in other boxes.

  3. Sephora is supposed to be a beauty subscription, you know makeup and some skin care, so you can leave the pills and teas out…if we want supplements we can go to the health food store!!The bite beauty lip scrub and lipstick were birthday gifts. Why are you including that as a product???? Sephora play boxes are getting worse by the month, don't know how much longer I will continue this subscription. There are much better subscriptions out there!!!!

  4. I canceled this box before I even received it. I’m so disappointed ! I received my notification on 1/14 saying It was on its way and I would receive it between the 15th and the 25th. I came in here and noticed other people weren’t getting updates or had missing boxes. I decided to reach out to customer care. Which they emailed me back following .

    PLAY! by Sephora Box Subscription billing takes place between the 1st -5th of every month. Your PLAY! by Sephora boxes aren’t shipped out until the 20th-25th of every month!

    Upon reviewing your order information, your Your estimated delivery date is for Monday the 28th. We apologize for any delays you faced with this order.

    The initial notification and what customer service tell you are two conflicting things. I’m suppose to receive my box Monday but I was extremely disappointed I canceled. What’s the point of receiving the beauty box at the end of the month when I’m being billed at the beginning of the month. You would think Sephora would have a better and more organized way to get these boxes out!

  5. Finally got my box and got those stupid mushroom powder. If wanted supplements, I would go to a vitamin store. I don't go to the vitamin shoppe looking for foundation. Stay in your lane, Sephora!

  6. It is VERY disappointing to see that Sephora's PLAY BOX Subscription is not available to Canadian customers that also spend thousands of dollars a year and would like to be part of this promotion. Come on is our Canadian purchases and money worth nothing to your business? Its not Monopoly money trust me, real hard earned dollars ..thousands of them a year!

  7. So disappointed in this month’s box. Was excited to get an email letting me know what was coming but….. just like last month….when the box came the items were different …..disappointed….. looks like a lot of leftover samples were used. Will probably cancel

  8. Bad box. Not a good way to start the year. Lots of goop to slather on my oil skin. Nope. Would have loved to have gotten the tea but instead I got a lip color dupe. What happened???? The boxes have been AMAZING for the last few months.

  9. I get why people are annoyed with the box, but it’s been one of the most exciting ones for me 🤷🏻‍♀️ I agree that there are too many repeats and they should bring in more interesting things (highlighters, eyeshadows, etc.) but I don’t think the sizes are that bad for $10. The value ends up being more than that and I love being surprised every month and getting to try out new things that I usually wouldn’t pick. I just finished up a REN face mask mini that I got at least 10 uses of.

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