1. I would love a video about how being married to an inmate will affect any background checks that are done on you or any other type of effects it may have. I love these videos; they make me feel connected, especially during hard times. This is a wonderful community! xxx

  2. As of yesterday I am a first time jail wife def future prison wife unfortunately no way around it and im just in complete shock and today I spent 85$ on the phone alone this is definitely something im not prepared for …

  3. To say they eat five star meals always cracks me up lol Dylan said his Cornish hen was tiny. He’s convinced it was a pigeon not a Cornish hen haha. Also he did get steak New Years, but said it tasted like they had boiled it! Yummm 😂

  4. If only it could be vlogmas every month!! It was so amazing to know on my way to work everyday I could watch my daily video. I know it had to be incredibly hard considering all the jobs you have!! But I would like to tell you thank you for taking the time to do that it was an amazing Christmas gift!!
    Also my husbands in the feds and works in the kitchen and the food fed on holidays are pre planned so the man should get his facts straight. I could literally go on and on but like you said we just should fact check and live above it all. You are such an incredible person and have such a beautiful soul and may this year bring you and Adam many blessings❤️

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