1. Y'all should switch lives for a day! Like Maggie hangs out with Emma's bff and Emma hangs out with Maggie's off and y'all write out a list for each other on what to go do that day!

  2. Most youtubers haven't/probably won't do this, but I'd like to see a deeper, emotional and unedited sisters Q&A, like asking "What is something you've done that you've never apologized for", "What's the biggest fight you've had", "What do you love and hate about your sister", "What is a deep insecurity you have", "What was your last relationship like and how did it end" etc. Serious questions that really make you think, and tell us things we don't already know about you two. // But on a fun note I'd love to see vlogs like you did a couple months ago, where it was all about having fun and documenting your life, and you weren't afraid to use words like 'twerk' or curse words.

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