1. Hi Vicky. Thanks a lot for this magical weight loss drink. I got tremendous result. I also give this to my mom. Unfortunately she's recently diagnosed with kidney problems which are not that serious. But I want to be precautious regarding her care. Since the powder contains cinnamon which is not good for kidney patients. If I omit it from her drink will that affect as much as it does with it. If not can u please suggest something as effective as this drink. That will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  2. You are such an awesome person i found. Very inspiring and motivational ideas for weight loss. Even dieticians even after taking money won't say these easy tips. Thank you so much vicky.. U r so lovely and cute.

  3. Hello vicky ..u got very sexy voice …actually mam i m on keto diet .. can i consume this magical powder means any carbs in this mixture ..please lemme know i m facing constipation.. if i cant take this while doing keto please tell me can i take cucumber lemon ginger infused water

  4. Dear Vicky! I could not try ur any of ur weight loss drink.maybe i Could not found some of the ingredients and always feel a fear if there is any side effect for gastric patients.pls advis me if u know.actually i suffered from ulser two years ago.thats why i m asking.what is flaxseeds?

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