1. dis is definetly a perfect diet if u need to lose weight in a short time. i tried dis a month before i got engaged.. it worked. i lost a wooping 8kgs in 1 week. i hated cabbage but as i had to have the cabbage soup in my diet i tried and it was tasty.

  2. On day one I started off with watermelon & apple. Day 2 I begun to follow someone's diet that in the morning consisted of having potatoes/wedges, capsicum baked on foil & potato. A soup made in a small pressure cooker with capsicums,( red, yellow & green), coliflower, and carrots.
    I ate the left overs day 6 with???? I don't remember but I know that I wasn't going to eat 8 bananas & that 6 was enough. I found that eating them together blended in their flavours. I spaced out the eating the banana every 2 hrs would get me through the day without missing eating it.

  3. loved yr video . I've been on the diet & have epilepsy. I watched 3 other vids 2 give me an idea of recipes/meals. The 3 were very different for the same diet plan. One was from the company that had the staff try it out I had no side effects while on this also & lost 3kg's which I wasn't happy about.

  4. hey I am a new subbie I really liked your video looking forward to learning more . I was invited to subscribe to your channel by ANINDITA .Thanks Annie for letting me know about this channel 💖💖

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