1. Is your vitamins chewable? I never had any issues taking any type of pills until I had my VSG. When I swallow my Metformin or even chew my multivitamin I quickly become nauseous and will throw up.

  2. I am quite a bit older, I am 52 and getting ready to have my gastric sleeve surgery on August 16th, I am so so ready for this surgery! I have always been heavy, I don't ever remember a thinner me. I have tried so many things and this is a wonderful tool. I have Rheumatoid Disease and Lupus and I am hoping this will help with my inflammation. I was thinking of creating a channel, I have seen a lot of younger people I thought maybe to try and reach out to older people. I am nervous and scared but I am so ready!! Congratulations to you!

  3. I am also in the same que my tests n all are going on.. But ppl are making me afraid that i will have no energy after this surgery… Bla bla.. They make me afraid but what i have seen on YouTube is so positive.. Wish me luck

  4. Hi I am 7 weeks post opt. I feel a lot better, I had no problems with my surgery at all and very little pain. The only thing I am struggling with is 2 things the water before and after meals and my vitamin intake. I have purchase two different brands and for some reason they make me sick to my stomach and I find myself hungrier and eat constantly when i take them. Which brand do u take?

  5. I’m currently going through the process on my second month of my 3 month program lost 15 pounds so far I wanna have a baby so my dr actually recommended the surgery I’m eating better already and going to the gym about 4 days a week I stopped drinking soda and I do feel 100% better 😘

  6. I struggle with loose skin. Advice WOULD BE .. it's hard to have this surgery and it's an ongoing battle but if you want it's not gonna come easy it's hard work and only you are accountable for your goal or not but it isnt gonna be Cinderella kinda journey and I tell them your body will change and your mindset too.

  7. I have co morbid diseases. I have my bariatric consultation coming up. My bmi is 40.1
    In your opinion should i get the bypass or the sleeve?
    Also how long did it take you to get to your goal?
    You are an inspiration…can u give me advice

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