1. You are simply amazing. I loooooove the look that you made on your cheeks- the blush is amazingggg, and the glow- oh, my god!!! Perfect!!! But I have to say that you are naturally beautiful, gorgouse!! 🌺🌺❤

  2. Hey Chloe, first of all you are hilarious, and gorgeous 😍 second of all, I have been trying to achieve the soft countour but I can’t figure out the shading, how many shades darker was your countour in this video?

  3. I love your videos. I'm fan girlling out here. Where do you purchase and what was the color of the one loose pigment your wearing a lot on your eyes everyday???? I think it was Color Pop???? It was a browny burgundy…

  4. I saw you on the ch10 morning show doing a tutorial and just had to subscribe!!! I absolutely love this makeup look!! At 47 years old, I need all the dewyness i can get!!! Thanks again Chloe!! xxx Anthea.

  5. You probably don’t read comments on your old videos, but I really like when people say what colour the products are, which mean someone who is blind or struggle with vision problems, will also know what you did😍

  6. ROFLMAO!! I LOVE, LOVE your "dirty mind" keeps me laughing…ESPECIALLY now your married! Any who, your beautiful so I think your best side is your front facing view, but I imagine you would prefer a direct answer, so left side. #notificationsquad (I am a devoted subscriber, but I live in the United States and it's impossible for me to be able to respond within the first 12 hours due to our time difference.) Would you please consider changing the 12 hours to 24 hours? A lot of your US supporters feel left out… Thank you for giving this some consideration, love!

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