1. Never heard of Ms. Joanie sp? I know some products are strictly for certain demographic areas. As for vegetables, lately I love to steam a bag of broccoli, peas, spinach or mixed greens in the microwave and eat it by itself or with a little bit of caesar dressing or Bragg's liquid amino. Only $1.60 and super filling. Glad that they have the options to exclude soy etc. I definitely can't eat much soy and it seems like it's in EVERYTHING nowadays

  2. Mmm, I am watching your video as I am eating some eggs, sausage and toast(I need to stop with the fatty foods!!! )… I thought I was craving breakfast-food but now I want the greeeeeeeeens! They look sooooo good, nom nom I want this with some lemon juice. I love how they don't make you feel sluggish or tired after eating them too T_T I feel you did a great job with your meal prep! <3

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