1. Hello I have some dark spots on my face but my problem is I don't have their much money to spend for these high quality products there is a Walmart close to me I was wondering if you can give me a list of products so I can check it out in Walmart my face is usually dry not oily I appreciate your help I even got a lot of my friends hooked on to your YouTube cause you're awsome please help my name is Molly.

  2. That was great. Just the video i needed! I have a little hyperpigmentation from a childhood in Africa, which has now reached a point where I want to do something about it. As you say, I didn't get it overnight so I mustn't expect it to go overnight either….

  3. Just want to say that I started using the pcs gel and I am sending it back. When I apply it on my skin it really stings and it gets very red and irritated. And it hurts. So I don't know if it's just me or an ingredient in the product, but I don't want that every time I put it on. I don't think that any product you apply on to get rid of the hyperpigmentation shouldn't hurt it shouldn't hurt so I'm sending it back I'm so sorry but I didn't work for me. Maybe it doesn't work on everyone. I felt so bummed because I really thought this would work on me. Never the less just throwing it out there.

  4. Hi there great review, thanks for the input of the CPA Pigment gel. Had my eye on that for awhile, but after this review, I decided to get it thanks. Also been wanting to ask you which sunscreen do you recommend for melasma. Appreciate a response thank you God bless

  5. I'm trying to have great skin on a budget… I'm really interested in the pigment gel. But it's out of my budget. If I spot treated with Nadinola, would that work just as well? The ingredients says it's Hydroquinone (3%) and it's under $10. Or can you recommend a cheaper option that's less than $30?

  6. Hi there great input for people who has melasma, like myself. I am looking for a sunscreen that has some type of color or is tinted 2 block the Rays of the sun which one would you recommend cuz you mentioned the ren SPF 30 but I want something that's tinted appreciate a response thank you God bless

  7. Hormones do not cause melasma. It is correlated with pregnancy, but no study has made an actual connection with an increase or decrease in any particular hormone. I wish people would stop repeating this “myth.”

  8. Susan, does the pigmentation come back in the same place where it was? I mean, if you’ve treated it and it disappeared but then if something causes it again, would it appear elsewhere or the same spot?

  9. Just watched your video and you said that vitamin c…has NO SCIENTIFIC proof of working. Now you have completely CRAWFISHED as we said in the south. What caused this change of heart? Why are you pushing these high priced products? You and my dermatologist both said THEY DO NOT WORK BECAUSE IT IS NOT STABLE and the body's skin prevents vitamins c for crossing it's barriers to make a difference. 🤯 Ladies before you purchase these products, do your research.

  10. I have a question. Sunday Riley has AHA’s which makes you more susceptible to sun damage and you’re using it in the morning. Given, of course, you have the SPF on, BUT, isn’t using a serum in the morning that has AHA’s a bit counterproductive?

  11. would either physical or chemical exfoliations work on old dark spots? ive had one big dark spot for about 10 years so im wondering if id have to do something more profound like a laser treatement. i really wish i had treated it but i was going thru some stuff and it was the least of my worries

  12. I’m fifteen and I’ve started getting sun spots or freckles all over my face. I got my first one like two years ago and ever since then I’ve been wearing sunscreen religiously. But I still continue to get them m. Idk what to do 😐

  13. Iv come to learn that aside having acne some people are more prone to scaring than others. For those of us who scar easily we definitely have to incorporate vitamin c and Retinol in our regime. Downside is most likely if we scar easily then our skin is very sensitive and thin, so we can’t use abrasive products on it and over expose it. This whole skincare situation is just hard chale 🤣

  14. Hi…you know your stuff!!! This is a general question…I just heard this somewhere to keep B's (niacinamide) separate from your C's…the1n another person said to combine a cocktail with V C, and V E's in a solution that had Niacinamide to increase their effects. Do you know whether any of these are best kept apart?

  15. I don't typically use vitamin C , I found I went red with it but I did hear it's amazing for under eye dark circles. I'm thinking I might try it again. But I use a priscription retinol/ benzol peroxide at night and in the morning a glycolic acid moisturizer. When would I add in the vitamin C? It seems I can't mix either so I'm stuck lol

  16. God all that talking for 13 mins straight fried my brain so much product info overload. Please just write the order of the steps and the products used for us who are too busy to watch the video and pause it to write down stuff.

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