1. If you drink alcohol you will never get body like Cristiano Ronaldo. Before giving me any curse like a illiterate person, go get some information on alcohol and then you can understand if you have common sense.

  2. 5 days a week ? You don’t know shit. He has 1-2 trainings a day with Juventus. And sometimes he works alone and not with the team. On his restdays which are most likely to be on a sunday and No he doesn’t, he probably does a lil cardio and some other work. You should follow more before even making a video. He’s the hardest worker out there. And you’re saying he trains 5 Days a week… smh and a football match isn’t 3 hours . You Don’t know shit.

  3. Sorry to disappoint but in order to get a physique like Ronaldo, you really do need to consume 0% alcohol, plus your diet plan will become a routine, to say the least. What that means is that your daily food consumption will generally be similar, you will certainly eat very much the same thing a few days out of the week. And that's really the point here, the food you are consuming is the fuel your body needs, just like driving a luxury, European car. Such a car demands a specific type of fuel and regular maintenance, correct? What if you neglect that maintenance, use much cheaper fuel and oil for engine performance? Trust me, that luxury car will no longer be a luxury! Fitness is definitely a mainstay of Ronaldo's lifestyle as a whole, but eating properly means less about satisfying your taste buds and having "comfort foods" but it means significantly more to keep that machine performing at its finest during matches throughout the year. And as the old gym adage goes, "Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!" And the part about alcohol, please check out Jean-Claude Van Damme's opinion on it. His amazing martial arts physique is evidence of zero alcohol consumption 😉

  4. I’m underweight but I lift heavy and train hard and it a lot what should I do? For the past few weeks I only gained 1 kg and my daily workout routine is go to the pull up bar and do 10 reps 2 sets after each set I rest for 1 and a half minute and do Chin ups 15 reps 3 sets then I will come home and do shoulders with rest every sets for 15 minutes, I will then get a plate(7kg)and put on my back then do 5 reps of diamond pushups and then do 30 regular pushups.After all that I will usually eat a lot of meat and rice and my day is done I’m 5feet and 11 inches but only 60 kg ffs

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