1. I come from using almost everyday a turbo convection oven, but I was curious about the air fryer, I buy one and got home, cut some potatoes and guess what? I didn't like the air fryer, I returned it to the store, I will keep using my turbo convection oven and recommending it.
    Note: my turbo convection oven doesn't have infrared or light

  2. You should've cranked it up to 400 and sprayed on the cooking oil. Also, you got to toss it a bit halfway to get better texture. But really, who needs fries when you can have tater tots! I've made them in an air fryer in 8 minutes and they were the best I ever had.

  3. I only do the already seasoned steak fries in my air fryer. 15 mins tops. I use the spray on coconut oil. No calories. Comes out perfect! Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Skinny fries don't work as well. They burn too easily.

  4. Why do you always looks so tired?, is the way you dress, speaks, your beard, your eyes looks so tired, is kind of 1annoying to see you despite the good quality of the video and explanation, im sorry I'll just stop watching your specific videos due to that fact.

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