1. This video is fantastic. Your tips on how to maintain or regain our youth is closely in line with a lifestyle/journey blog I am in the process of bringing to fruition! Excellent information. Thx again.

  2. Just found you and I am enjoying getting to know you and this community. What lipstick are you wearing in this video? Nice.soft pink mauve that I think would suit me well. Thanks.

  3. She literally says her process "will cut your age down substantially" Really? Nobody is gullible and stupid
    enough to actually believe that….but when you are desperate, like so many of you fab fashionistas are, hype
    and far fetched promises sound reasonable. There is no such thing as "anti-aging" of course. But when your
    emotions lead your thinking then you are a prime candidate for a pretty sales woman…..Many of you have
    "gone around the bend" and there is no turning back, but it will always be something. How about those
    cankle's? Or crows feet? Or a flabby tummy? Or a flabby rump?(that is a big one huh girls) Or a chicken neck?
    But I need to let you go….You all have some shopping to do at the cosmetics counter…..

  4. New subscriber here. Love you, Dominique! πŸ’– I feel so much younger when playing in paint or clay or any art medium, really, and having a real avocation. And thank you for being honest about your faith! Bless you!

  5. I followed your YouTube channel because "be blessed" caught my attention. Turns out to be great channel and I have been blessed by your sharing of all things. So glad you included God in your no. 9 to help stay young. God bless you.

  6. Thank you so much Dominique! You have inspired me over the past 5 years. I have migrated a few years ago and I discovered you u tube channel and I haven't stopped checking out your vlogs since. Lol Thank you so much Dominique and God continue to bless you when you bless we women. You're truly an inspiration to me and I know to many other women around the world.

  7. 1. Avoid the sun AT ALL COSTS
    2. ONLY drink water
    3. Skincare routine – cleanser, toner, essence, eye cream, sunscreen (exfoiliator, serum, sheet masks weekly)
    4. Get 9 – 11 hours sleep daily
    5. Sleep on SILK pillow sheets
    6. Exercise 3-4 times per week (use steam room & sauna after shower)
    7. Be HAPPY and avoid negative people
    8. Avoid junk foods
    9. Get facials once a month.

    I'm nearly 30 but always get told I'm a 19-20 year old. And being half Asian helps too lol

  8. Love your videos, this one too…but Ungh, the only thing sillier (or insulting?) than a foundation garment ad with a 24" model is a woman shown sleeping in bed in FULL make-up! You're better than this. ; ) PS: You are drop dead gorgeous!!!

  9. I love pets. They will keep you younger…..maybe not so much in the looks department but attitude of loving is a beauty factor. Also I end up carrying heavy kitty litter and 40 lb bags of dog food and I throw 30 lbs of grass hay to two horses twice a day and I scoop poops of all kinds and move bird cages about to clean weekly. A few pets but not a farm! A farm will Age you! I think the sleep is the over all best thing and I feel so bad for people with trouble sleeping. I use melatonin 5 mg and 500 magnesium ( you must research and find the best match for you and some are much better than others) I use lysine glycinate which is for muscles because otherwise I do get those leg cramps. I drink a three bagger of Celestial Seasons Sleepytime in a 6 Oz cup water because too much water in the evening disrupts my sleep for pee breaks. I have a white noise fan and blackout curtains. Occasionally I use a prescription muscle relaxant but they can be constipating! And I put perfume on before bedtime….I call it aroma therapy but I just love perfumes. Bed is my favorite time of day! Alone or not. Met a guy who said he was spitting distance from 70…cute huh? So am I
    BTW best advice on you tube for subject!

  10. This was my first time to see one of your videos and I SO ENJOYED IT!! I saw you first in a segment on the Today Show and then found your YouTube page. I LOVED THE #9 ENCOURAGEMENT!! I am grateful you asked your listeners to connect with GOD!! BLESS YOU SWEET LADY!! From a new listener that will stay tuned :–)

  11. Great tips, just one note: you don't have to believe in any god to be "in the place you want to be" and "be in control with your life".
    The rest just beyond ANY control and we have to let it go.

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