1. Hi! Please could u do a video on how you manage with the back pain and exercise! I have a slipped disc that flare s up from time to time and I find it so frustrating now that I want to lose weight. I do also visit the chiropractor regularly when I flares up….or perhaps just please respond to this post cos I may be the only one interested in this topic 😂

  2. I have never tried the Sazón Goya before but went to dollar tree this morning and they had it. Little 10 pack box for a $1. Holy shit!! I take it as a sign and bought two. Can’t wait to try your recipe

  3. OMG that chicken looks so juicy and delicious! I never really thought of mixing sour cream and the cauliflower. Honestly, I really want to try being fully KETO but I find it hard to do/ understand. At the basic level, I understand its mostly a protein based diet, but I know its much more than that. I can hardly count the macros and all the other things that you mentioned. How did you start?

  4. I’m a new subscriber and I love your keto content! I graduated in May with a bachelors in biomedical science & chemistry minor. I’m taking a year off to decide what career I want to start. I’ve been considering just working in the lab, sonography, nuclear Medicine tech, and respiratory tech! The radiology tech I know said if she change her career she would pick respiratory tech. I would love to hear more about your career, why you chose it, pros and cons, and any other advice you have to someone trying to choose a career in healthcare if you have time to make a video like that. Thank you so much! I love you videos!

  5. Here is the recipe for the wings for you to try. It sounds crazy but let me tell you! Whew!!!

    The first two ingredients you can play with due to the size of your wings etc
    2 tablespoons of mustard
    1/2 cup of mayo
    Seasoning to taste (I did garlic, lemon pepper, and a all purpose seasoning)
    Mix it all up let sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours.
    Air Fryer 400 for 12 minutes then flip and do another 12.
    I like mine crispy so I did do 12 minutes flip then 16 minutes on the other side and honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’ll never make them any other way!!!

  6. Looks good Darling!!! Wish I could make that chicken recipe but I’m allergic to chicken 🤦🏻‍♀️. Maybe it will work with turkey breast??? Well I will definitely try the cauliflower rice!!! Have a great day🤗🤗

  7. I forgot I bought the Sazon Goya . It’s been sitting in my cabinet. How many packets do I use for a pound of ground beef ? I’m having keto tacos tonight and I’m so excited. Love the chicken idea ❣️. Giving those shakes a lot of thought. Chances are I will order that too. Thank you so much for giving me such great ideas and different options with this keto journey. I took a two day break from keto and gained 4.5 pounds. I know some of that is water weight but damn. I’m hitting keto hard for the next few days and getting back on track,😉

  8. I have all the ingredients for the chicken except the peppers but I have to have it!! Sis, why do you use the packets of seasoning instead of buying the regular bottle? Is it cause the flavor is better with the packets? Thank you for taking the time to share a piece of your day with us.

  9. OMG I’ve been so off track. On Sunday my husband took me to PF Chang on a date and we ate a lot, Monday I started an Egg fast and did so good until night time when he and the kids ordered pizza and I couldn’t resist and had like 3 slices. I’ve been struggling hard at night time, and I’m not even hungry i just want to snack on carb and sugary things. Any suggestions?

  10. Great video! New subscriber loving watching all your videos. I am having such a hard time with fasting since I work overnights I never know how work it when I'm off drives me nuts!

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