1. I've been using tea tree oil directly on my skin for like 3 weeks now and honestly, it cured my inflamed skin and I haven't had any more acne breakouts. And I have a very sensitive skin. Just saying.

  2. I have dry skin and noticed that the type of soap I use affect the type of oil I use. If I clean my face with lemon soap I use petroleum and I use sweet almond oil when I clean my face with milk soap. Both vompination work very well..

  3. Thank you, so informative! I always go to you when I want to learn in depth about skin issues or product and ingredient reviews. I would love a review of your favorite skin oil products or brands of 2019!

  4. Great info. There is so much misinformation concerning oils. I used apricot oil because someone said it was a dupe for almond and my skin on my body dried out. Also read a website that hemp seed oil is great to oil cleanse dry skin… I’m sure you can imagine the condition my skin was left in. 😅 after lots of research I found oils that actually work for my dry skin.. your video is actually good information.

  5. grapeseed oil-good for inflammation
    Evening primrose- good for inflammation
    sea buckthorn oil-protects skin from weather and good for dry skin
    China sees oil- 7 times the amount of vitamin c than of a orange
    Avocado oil -good for dry sensitive skin
    Coconut oil- can clog pores so careful if prone to breakouts
    Camellia/tsunami oil good for breaking down makeup
    Safflower oil
    Olive oil- highly comedogenic can suit some people
    Sunflower oil-rich in vitamin d
    Sweet almond oil good at cleaning out pores and even reverse sun damage
    Rose hip oil – alot of vitamin A well know for repair stretch marks and helping with sun damage
    Jojoba oil -absorbs really well
    Argan oil- high in Vietnam E helps with skin self turn over high in olaic oil
    Marula oil -absorbs well
    citrus oils-can cause sensitivity to sun
    Tea tree oil- good for killing bacteria
    Maracuja oil-good for sensitive skin


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