1. Excellent video and pleased to see you and your wife doing a video together. If i hadn't seen this i would never of thought about this plant base diet etc, I am very interested in this and changing my diet and optimising myself for long term. It's good to hear your advice and information and also you are giving great value as you always do and it's not all about Amazon which is cool. Thanks and look forward to more of this please. Very much appreciated and all the best 🙂

  2. I'm 72 years old and became wfpb about 5 months ago and have thus far lost 47 pounds. I feel great and will never eat animals again. Even an old dog can learn new tricks! Honestly, I feel better than I ever have in my life and I attribute it all to how I'm eating, after all, you are what you eat. Anyone who says they can't give up meat and dairy products is looking to live a shortened lifespan. I just wish I knew all this when I was younger but it's never too late. Why do you think there's so much cancer in this country, it's not because we have the greatest food in the world, it's because of what's in it. Frankly, I can survive without eating another hamburger or ribs, and I live in Houston where they eat ribs all day. Anyway, good luck to you and your wife and fight the good fight!!

  3. I watched this video from beginning to end. You're a lovely couple and very much appreciate the video. I am about to start my own health journey, as I am middle-aged and currently obese. After studying all the options, I think that going plant-based is the way to go. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences.

  4. Excellent, informative talk . I’ve been a 90% committed vegetarian for 15 years. Adopted a strict vegan diet 3 months ago because my bad cholesterol had climbed to 120! It’s already down to 105 . On my next blood test I’m hoping it will be under 100. I’ve also lost 10lbs and don’t need to lose much more. I eat LOADS of potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens, all variety of veggies and beans. Dessert is papaya and banana ice cream ( otherwise known as a thick cold smoothie). So true that after your palate adapts, you no longer want to crave your standard processed shit…. or even cheese or eggs. 65 year female btw….So do yourself a favor and try this for a month… or even a week

  5. Good video, thanks. I look for how people are positively effected on the diet I have been on for about 3 years. The taste acclimation is a very big thing that people don't get. Many people say they are never giving up their steak but they can try it and see black beans and pasta if properly prepared can be just as satiating.

    I'm glad your PCOS is gone.

  6. Great video and I am becoming a big believer in doing all those things you mention. Its pretty clear that we have a huge national health problem here in the USA and elsewhere that has adopted the industrialized food supply and people really need to educate themselves and do their own research that most everything in the grocery stores are really bad for you.

  7. I have been on Plant-Based Vegetarian since March 2018 due to an urgent need to reduce my weight 94Kilo to 78Kilo within 5 months. Now I feel and do like a brand new person.
    This seems to be the latest trend. The large M&S stores have Plant-Based vegetarian Section. Pret a Manger setting up more Veggie Pret. Jamie Oliver closed 23 out of 25 stores. Tesco and Sainsbury have small packs of Mix Nuts near their cash counters. I recommend the book called" How not to die" by Dr Michael Greger. You are an inspiration for all the professionals out there to wake up and take charge of their health and enjoy the journey of life. I look forward to joining your course soon at the end of June.

  8. Congrats to both of you on the diet/lifestyle change! It's quite amazing to realize the impact that foods have on the mind/body.
    Another oil you might want to look into for cooking is coconut oil (lots of health benefits)

  9. Search The Starch Solution – John McDougall or The EXTREMES of Human Nutrition – JOHN MCDOUGALL here on youtube. High Carb Low Fat is the way to go it seems if you don't want to get CVD or cancer. Medical doctors usually won't tell you anything right about healthy nutrition because they just do not learn this in university but in this case one has recognized the benefits of not following the common nutrition. 😉

  10. Hi Sajad, Aruna 🙂 nice one ! I was plant based/vegan for 5 and a half years, a wonderful died, great for cleansing and taking on healthier eating habits. The first years are the honeymoon phase 🙂 you see all the benefits and there are a bunch, but if you take away all animal products you need to supplement for b12 and be mindful of your omega 3 to omega 6 ratios if you don’t supplement dha or epa, I started having memory issues after 5 years and I switched back when pregnant because of all the social pressure, medical pressure and so on… didn’t want to risk my baby’s health suffering. There are many vegans now opening up about serious health problems they ended up having after long periods of full on veganism, so although everyone agrees on processed foods being total crap, I’d sometimes have good quality animal foods, to avoid problems.. I also swore by all those documentaries but it turns out some things are exagerated or downright false.. :/ a bit biased… but I do love a plant based diet 🙂 mostly plants would to me be more appropriate 🙂 but enjoy the honeymoon ! Cheers !

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