1. I prefer an integrated headset and transmitter. So, not the SHURE. I actually have one in my arsenal of mics but don't use it. I don't like moving with the transmitter pack on my body.

  2. Hello Iam startinf a fitnes/yoga chanel and I have been follow all your videos I think is great you are doing this such a great help. Question with this wireless mic is posible to connect it to the camera as well for the videos? Sorry if this is a basic question I am a beginner

  3. I was scrolling through your channel just now and saw this headset. These Shure SM31FH-TQG mics are solid. I deploy hundreds of these each year for theme parks. They can put up with a lot of abuse.

  4. Great Video Think Media, Shure is a great company, but a true wireless mic will not have a cord. I been teaching group fitness for 30 years and I have always used Samson Wireless air 77, it the best and half the cost of the Sure you reviewed. I used Shure before and didn't like the fit or the cord from the headset to the battery pack. Samson wireless air 77 there is no wires or battery pack, its on the headset, just plug it in and put the headset on. I hope you will check it out and do a review. Thanks for the vids and keep em coming. 👍🏾😎 Sam!

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