1. I just put my video up in mis-matching underwear, 100lbs heavier and middle-aged so you can guess what my anxiety levels are like right now LOL
    You look amazing and I am really looking forward to using water fasting to help me get rid of my final 30-50lbs.

  2. I went from over 250 down to 235 just doing IF and now have been doing OMAD for almost 2 weeks…lost 8.5 lbs the first week on OMAD and hoping to be down under 200 middle of November. I'm around 220 right now. I'd definitely recommend that people experiment with IF 16/8 and 18/6 and low carb before moving on to OMAD. I think that's why it was fairly easy for me to do. I'm 61yo btw…

  3. Yaseminciğim videonu izledim çok hoş görünüyorsun, balık etli (chuby) kızları her zaman sevmişimdir. Bir kaç kez izledim heryerin östrojen yüklenmiş gibi, libidom yükseldi bir posta attım hakkını helal et artık.

  4. I think you should do one last prolonged water fast until you lose your last bit of fat. It will help tighten up your skin and your so close to being done. I think 30 days of water only and you are going to be done. 1 month. Great transformation and you should love where you are now. Enjoy the journey.

  5. You look amazing and like I said before you are such an inspiration! ❤ I'm 5'6 and started at 225 and I'm 216 now but I'm positive that with your videos and kind words that I CAN do this! You are such a motivation and an idol to me . I cant thank you enough 🤗❤

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