1. I don't understand why you're so amazed by the changing of the water your hair was dirty that's the first thing you said plus you're using an acidic liquid to wash your hair it's going to strip your hair of everything… and your hair is thicker because of the excess moisture… wow

  2. Great video. But girl please change the batteries in your fire alarm! It is beyond me that you haven't gotten insane yet, haha. Would this be okay to do on hair that isn't in dreads? I have very long hair. About the same length as you. Love from Denmark

  3. Not only is it not cute but it's nasty af. My bf and I went to a black church once and the lady in front of us stank like burnt tires and sewer. I just don't get it. Why have the hair if u can't maintain it. Like it literally stinks and u purposely don't wash it for years/months… I just don't get it. Like seriously if the whole building can smell u than surely u can smell urself too. Ppl are going to jump in and cry out that's it's a "race thing" like NO sweetie! It's a stinky hair thing. Surely most ppl shower everyday, well I do anyway but why not just wash ur hair in the shower like most ppl do? Stinky dirty hair problem solved, instead of leave it dirty n have the build up for months. Ppl can't be that lazy to wash their hair in the shower.. I mean ur already washing ur body u might aswell give ur hair a good lather whilst ur in there.

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