1. Hi, I'd love to try this recipe. I'm wondering whether it could be adjusted to fit around my working day. Would it be possible to leave an autolyse for up to 10 hours? Similarly would it still work with a starter 10 hours old instead of 5? Thanks!

  2. I followed your method, except for the lamination part because i'm lazy, and my loaf turned out exactly as i want it. Still have to practise of course. But please keep going , your videos are the best on YT regarding sourdough.

  3. A wonderful video, but I am not a fan of those very open crumbs. I love to eat my bread, for example with butter and jam, and that would be a mess with those large holes. I bake sourdough bread for near 7 years now and I aim for a tighter crumb. Everyone wants these big holes in the bread and I never understood why. I can do that, it is not a problem, but I do not see what it is useful for?

  4. Can anybody explain why adding 65g of the levain came out to 80% of the Hydration? Shouldn't 80% of the hydration come about to a total of 260g of water for 325g of flour?

  5. Very nice video. Detailed, and indicative of the workd necessary to make a good SD bread. I would only have done one thing differently…. Make a double batch. After cooling I would freeze the second bread. I might even make a third loaf or some small buns and freeze them as well. Might as well make the max of your time.

  6. GREAT VIDEO ! Glad you made such a fantastic instructional video. I noticed you putting ice cubes directly onto the baking stone, my experience in the past was to causing the stone to crack in half when putting a cold object to a hot stone. I imagine your using a man made stone and not a natural stone.

  7. Your windowpane test looks perfect after autolyse! I use 80%BF, 20%WW and 77%water (3% less than your recipe) and autolyse for 3 hours at 78F. When it comes to windowpane test, it is not as extensible as yours. Is it because of less water or the higher RT? Thanks.

  8. hi! i'm from indonesia and i was learning about sourdough recently. happy to find you in my instagram and see this video! so helpfull and easy to understand it. i obviously want to try it after my first trial failed yesterday 🙁
    i was wondering how if i use the electric oven? can you suggest the temperature and the time to bake?

  9. Thanks again for this recipe. It’s been a game changer for me. Finally following your advice I’m cooking amazing sour dough. I'm so grateful to you.

    One issue I sometimes find when I get to the baking stage in the morning and tip my dough out of the banneton, it can be too loose and spreads more than I'd like. Should I add more coil folds to give it more structure or is there any other solution for this?

  10. Hi Kristin, I have a question about the final proof/fridge retardation that I can’t seem to get an answer for. If you see no volume increase in the overnight fridge retardation, is the dough, in essence, proofed just after shaping? Theoretically, if you baked the dough after shaping and short RT proof, would you achieve the same result, just less flavour? If the dough is increasing by 50% during BF, and then only marginally during RT rest, and not at all in the fridge, are you always then baking the dough underproofed? I’m very curious to know why the final proof isn’t allowed to achieve more volume, like with an instant yeast dough, which increases around 50% during final proof. Thank you.

  11. I loves the video!
    I would like to ask a question. if I want to make 2 loafs, besides bouble the ingredients I would like to know in which part of the process I sould devide them? If I am not mistaken maybe before the lamination? I always make 2 or 3 loafs and I got reall interested in your method. (:

  12. Good video but way to time consuming I followed Bake with Jack's methods and the sourdough turned out perfectly I have baked bread for years but not sour dough It always sounded way to complicated But its as easy as any kind of bread you bake Nothing complicated in making sourdough bread!!

  13. all bakers, the shower cap is a great re reuseable option! People seem to use so much single use plastic prepping and baking bread. Thanks for modelling this little trick too. Great video

  14. I made my first sourdough starter today and went looking for a simple recipe to start baking sourdough bread and came across your page. As ib9rt said below how can this be a "basic" method? With terms like autolyse, levain, lamination and the elaborate "stretch and fold" process are you targeting baking experts or novice bread bakers like myself?

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