1. Feels good to be able to focus easily on this and get some exercise, I get bored really quick and give up. These video's are quick and effective, my mind hasn't wandered off as it usually does. Thanks!!

  2. I love all your workouts Lucy❤️❤️❤️. It's easy to follow yet very effective. I can see amazing results just for 3 days. I also love your arm workout as well as the belly one. Your such an inspiration for everyone. Thank you.

  3. I'm on my second week of doing this! It's getting easier every day and I feel amazing. I'm regaining my energy, and my body is becoming more flexible! Should I continue using this video for a bit or do I switch to other videos when it feels too easy?

  4. I love all your workouts, especially the 7min ones. I listen to the radio while doing them twice a day every day & I'm getting my waist back really quickly & have so much more energy. I'm going to do this one as well on weekends when I have more time.

  5. Don't delay do this today! I've been doing it for 3 weeks now and feel AMAZING, i don't have a double chin anymore, no fat on the tops of my inner thigh and I've lost 5 inches! it makes you feel FAB for the rest of the day if you do it 1st thing in the morning. Thanks a million Lucy 😍

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