1. Hi Lucy, I love going for a walk with you! It's beautiful there in France. I got a good work out in and enjoyed the intervals. & Thanks Kathy for the info on the steps and calories. <3 I share with my husband about my work outs and journey with you. He says oh you and your Lucy lol I'm hoping he will join me soon.

  2. I loved this workout Lucy and I am so thankful because I am exercising less and seeing better results than doing and hour long session and being exhausted! You are the best! thank you so much!

  3. Lucy, after about a year of regularly doing your walk and tone routines I feel so much healthier and fitter. Even if I don’t have time to do a whole routine I know the moves well enough now to do a few of them when I can so that I do not have a single day without marching on the spot and doing some of the toning exercises but I try to do a full routine as often as possible. Your videos are the best I have found in helping people like me to go from doing no exercise to exercising almost every day without wasting gym membership fees 🙂

  4. Great walking and toning workout… according to my fitness tracker watch ..I got 2405 steps from the this workout and burned 104 calories..now it's off to the shower and then bed 🙂

  5. Lucy, thank you, for this wonderful workout. I often like to do after some of your other workouts. The scenery is just beautiful and is great when the weather is bad. I would love more of these walking outside workouts.

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