1. I was born with X- linked Hypophosphatemic Rickets. Born and raised in the US since 1985 (for those that will end up saying dumb s$#@ like oh you must've been born in a third world country). My years of doctors visits has allowed me to see and meet all types of people with some form of " Leg Bowing". But I digress, this information is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!!! Sad to see people are still trying to pass along their own ignorant beliefs about something they know Jack S^&# about apparently!

  2. The good news for bow legged adults is that there is no need to suffer any more. There is a powerful and effective remedy designed to help anyone having bow legs. In addition, it has an easy to follow guide that details a step by step process on how to reverse this condition with very efficient exercises that you can easily do on your own. http://www.MootLeg. xyz

  3. Great. Can we talk in private please. I got something to ask about a stiff leg from auto accident. couldn't move the leg like the right. A therapist once said I'll need 3 months to stay on for the process.
    Need help.

  4. Thanks for this. I didn't realise I had bow legs until I was being measured for a suit by a tailor and he pointed it out. A well cut suit can disguise it but I don't want to wear a suit all the time! So I'll be trying these exercises.

  5. I am starting this exercise routine from today
    Date : 7 aug 2019
    If I get any good results I will be posting my feedback and results here.
    This legs are nightmares
    I cannot walk properly. It's embarassing having bowed legs. I have not been bullied because of this but I don't like it. Whenever I put on pants, my legs just looks weird. First I thought that only I had such legs but later I came to
    find about this problem and was little relieved. I am not the only one with these legs. Thank you for reading my leg story. If I get any good results in the future I will be sure to post it here. Have a good day/night to all my fellow bow leggers.

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