1. Finally got to making this, I had tried some products with seitan, but I did not expect it to be this good. Having exact instructions from a book probably helped, too 🙂 So atm this is my #1 vegan steak, the one Happy Pear did on your channel a while ago is #2. Ireland, zero points :p Just kidding 😀

  2. Steak is meat, this isn't. I'm with Rogan you can be vegan all you want you just need to come up with new names for your food, calling something vegan steak is like being a pediatrician who likes to kick plastic babies.

  3. These assholes vegans get me. they don't want to eat me because number one they don't want to hurt animals they're so stupid these animals wouldn't exist if they weren't bred for fake for food they would be extinct. They don't eat meat because they think it's bad for their bodies but yet they're eating vegetables that are sprayed and radiated and if you're in America there's no such thing as organic it started out as a movement in California in the 1960s where people thought their vegetables were being sprayed but they are they are Blanche! 👀

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