1. I use CBD for chronic pain(I have sickle cell anemia and IBD) and its one of the fee things that actually helps my pain. I work part time and it causes my pain to flare which means I can either 1. Live off of Percocet & morphine pills which puts me to sleep or 2. Use CBD and still be able do my work and be coherent still. I recommend it to other people very often.

  2. that’s wild that your university doesn’t make attendance mandatory within the first two weeks! It’s the exact opposite at my school. If you miss a class (especially a lab) you’ll be dropped, and the next person on the waitlist will take your spot 🙃

  3. i absolutely LOVE cbd, i use an oil that is edible (you just put it under your tongue and then swallow it) and it helps me so much especially with anxiety and insomnia

  4. Girl I’m gonna start my college vids this week on my channel if you’re interested to see what penn states like but I’ll be honest I can’t post this in a video but I smoke about an ounce of weed in a week to deal with college stress. People can say what they want but for someone who is about to graduate college with a Computer Science degree and didn’t have retake any courses shit I’m grateful for that and I use it because it’s organic and helps with my PTSD and helps me focus on my work idk why it’s not recreational to use in PA because all my other friends developed a severe drinking problem from the stress and alcohol is just so bad compared to weed smh

  5. Great video sweetie… Love you and Cleo. ☺️👍👍💜💓❤️😍😚😘 I have ADHD… So those plant oils can help with that… Cool. ☺️ I have a light blue blanket just like the one you have… I just felt like pointing that out. LoL ☺️👍 👍 I don't know why but I was imagining Cleo wearing a Cleopatra costume. LoL ☺️

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