1. I just received my Jsculpt today, I'm not happy because you literally have to order your size up like 5x. Her exchange policy is ridiculous and a turnoff. Standby your product. NO REFUNDS!!! SHE'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY AND NOT THE BRAND!!! YOU TRY TO SUPPORT YOUR PEOPLE BUT… SOMETIMES THEY ARE TOO GREEDY 😑

  2. So made up about you doing your friends hair (0:02) sewing featuring in the fab new intro – loved that vid love your channel.

    Wow what a product that belt – I wish you the best with the results. Thank you for sharing.
    I have 2 questions which might make you laugh – as it must hug your waist and below, does it make you need to go to toilet more? I've found some jeans or suit belts have done this.

    2) is there a guys version of this product?

    Happy 2019 x

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