1. I tried so many methods and products for get white skin. I got satisfy results with only White On skin whitening cream. It made my skin smooth, soft and super white plus permanent results. If you are interest here the web w….whiteonskinwhitening….c

  2. Yes absolutely dis creams r disaster..dey cause cancer it has steroids n mercury in it…it damages d skin..all dese creams r disaster it gives instant whiteness but its not good… Lovely video…

  3. I have lightened parts of my skin in the past but not to an extreme mainly due to pigmentation issues. I'd advise people to research what you're putting on your skin especially with the surface of mercury poisoning from illegal skin whitening products. That being said please don't think that anyone who does lighten their skin does it due to low confidence because it could easily be said about people who darken their skin. You are the keeper of your own body at the end of the day. ❤

  4. A buddy has informed me to utilize skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it) for several months. I thought that her skin has improved dramatically, which gave me hope that I too would experience the same. Fortunately, after some time, I have noticed the outcomes. My skin is softer and more youthful looking..

  5. I put up with darker neck and armpits. Possibly I was born like this. However, after trying this skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it), substantially more even toned, my neck is turning whiter each day, which is exceptional!.

  6. Most Indians are addicted to this products specialy faiza…. They are not realising the actual fact behind this cream. They still continuing to use this cream.. And those who using these creams are saying the original creams of these products giving good result.. And the fake creams named by this same brand cause skin problems??

    Does the Faiza cream awarded for the best fairnesskin product in 2013. . ???

  7. Make ur research… white express is not a dangerous skin lightening. It is made with plants extracts, why are u misleading people did u not read the back and ingredients. Pls stop this, fake news. Other I don’t know but white express I know cos I use it. U just want to make news and profit for no reason. Is good u making awareness next time make ur research ok

  8. Am a new youtuber….BBc only want to make silly news…fine the rest of the creams are not WHITE EXPRESS( IS MADE OF PLANTS EXTRACTS ONLY) IS SAFE…make ur research, ..BBC is a big news broadcasting organisation..need to make properly research on each creams,check the % of each active products they claim it's contains..not make money & mislead people & fine people… I HAVE USE WHITE FOR YEARS & I NOW ABOUT THIS PRODUCT OK..

  9. I have to say after 2 days of utilizing this skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it), my skin has lighten immensely! I am quite happy with the outcomes! My face is glowing, the pores are shut tight and the redness encompassing my scars was considerably diminished.

  10. How would having whiter skin starting within the next two days be for you? There's more than one way to go about it, but maybe try and google Kandy Lumizore's websites for a cost-effective formula that works for anyone.

  11. I’ve been using POP cream for more than 15 years, and the result is amazing. My skin has always been white and flawless. What you consume inside your body costs as much as what you slather on your skin. Pop cream + water + healthy food = flawless

  12. White people tan in sun while sunlight is known to cause skin cancer. So would you ban tanning? My point is there will be always demand of these products unless people learn to love their skin tones and the authorities should work to tackle this in a different way.

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