1. I just bleached and dyed mine this saturday! It is short bc I am waving but when I tell you I can see that my hair is dry. I will definitely be doing these steps when I get home tonight.

  2. 1. weekly deep conditioning
    2. intensive hair masque
    3. co-wash hair
    4. LOC method (leave-in conditioner , oil and creamy moisturiser)
    5. silk bonnet , silk scarf and silk pillow case

  3. I said the same thing you did. I bleached my hair and it did become brittle and dry and braking. But I started treating it with the lCO method and it appears to be bouncing back to gradually. Pray for me.

  4. Question: I just bleached my hair and I've been moisturizing but my edges feel kind of dry,crispy and straw like but it's not breaking. It doesnt feel like its taking in the moisture. What should I do?

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