1. Hey Mike why layover almost 10 hrs in Taipei? That’s so long. So overall the food in Eva air is bad. Have you tried ANA , nice food but delayed flights on my connecting. They had to rebooked me to another cuz willl missed my connecting. Oh you had company on air bob a cockroach huh? Welcomen to the phl but food would be great in Manila.

  2. I would be happy if I was working for Mikey. He is the boss so he would have to pay for everyone’s ticket and even though it’s economy it’s affordable than having business class for everyone just for a few hours. He is one of the most positive people I’ve ever saw in my life!

  3. Quick question: I noticed you left the airport due to the long layover… is that allowed with all airlines, to leave the airport? And when you go back do you just go to the correct terminal and check go through security like it was your only flight? Thanks

  4. Mikey hit the nail on the head. EVAs congee with fish floss is one of the best things they offer. Definitely get the Chinese breakfast over the western one.

  5. 哈囉
    I find my friend in your video that you went to the last 7-11 !! (never see any youtuber come to here and take video so when I see it , I'm surprised. btw I'm local ^^)
    下次出國要記得 來台灣 這選項喔~

  6. They seem like nice people but unfortunately I have experienced living in the Philippines and they are the most racist people I have ever encountered. They call everybody that's not Filipino a foreigner. They don't have sympathy for their children dying and Starving in the streets I have seen them just walked by little babies that are suffering so much in the adult Filipinos don't even care. This is the first race of humans that I have ever seen do this. This is scary. I think we should start calling them foreigners when they come into the United States. We should treat them the way they treat us. In a racist horrible way. This has been my experience when I lived in the Philippines for 8 months. Extremely racist selfish people. And they will never admit it. Not to mention the majority of them cheat on each other. They act so nice but I have a lot of dark little secrets. Fake people.

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