1. This workout felt too easy at first, but I definitely got sweaty and out of breath. I was super sore the next couple days! I love that "this is so easy I'm crushing it omg I'm dying owww"

  2. Decided to better myself and was researching great at-home workouts. Found your video and love it, love the encouragement! Barely survived the first go-around but I can see myself do this twice a day every day. Had a baby, left my bf, working hard to pay bills since barely had time to take care of myself. Life happens when you don't feel like yourself. You encouraging, saying how proud you are, so understanding. This is what we need. We need more of you training people. Thank you so much!

  3. Does anyone find it annoying when the have the profile view and she's talking… who ever thought that was clever or trying to add to the mentality of the watcher…. Stop it. People look at you when they are talking to you and we are not in a group that we can see. Editing dumbness. NO offense to the program, loved it.

  4. This workout is no joke! You'll be tired and sweating in no time and the crazy thing is you'll want more the next day! Great workout…I do it 3x a week and I saw the results just after the first week! Go get it, Lunden is awesome!

  5. Just started this tonight and I have had to stop after doing the first part 😂 didn't realise I was so unfit but I suppose having to babies in the last 3 years and gaining 3 stone does that to you!

    My legs can't physically support my weight and are giving way.

    Any tips on how long I should just stick to the first part for? I don't want to over do it and do an injury.

  6. Just tried this workout as it's raining outside so not ideal for running. I loved it!! Felt like it was challenging but not impossible! Only problem was my dog was sitting practically on top of me and licking my face at regular intervals !! :)) Thanks again!

  7. I skipped my gym and did this today. it made me sweat more than I do at the gym! although I'm really out of shape and couldn't do them all properly… hopefully will get there some day!

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