1. Thank you so much. I've been suffering from neckpain for weeks now. (Caused by the weight of my school bag and my bad posture.) This was really pleasant and I could feel my muscles stretch. I am going to do this regularly from now on!

  2. I thought I just sprained my neck or something but I actually broke my neck unaware went to the hospital next day didn't even think it was possible to survive a broken neck

  3. Thanks Michelle mam❀
    I suffering this pain since last 2 weeks horribly,
    This exersixe give me immediately calm to my neck, i will continue this exercise,
    Thank you very much 😊

  4. When i do your exercises i feel pain in my right lower shoulder or upper back. Also if i tilt my head back i feel pain in that area. I appreciate your exercises though, but
    the pain is still there πŸ™

  5. Guys stop breaking your necks with these exercises. I went to the pharmacy they gave me magnesium and some muscle relief pills. Explain your issue to your pharmacist they will tell you what to take according to what you have in your country. I suffered for 4 days. After taking those Medecines, I got relief within minutes. The next day I even forgot about my neck problem.

  6. It still surprises me every time I execute simple exercises like this routine you have provided here Michelle, just how effective they are! Thank you for the video. πŸ™‚ And greetings from Ireland!

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