1. Thanks so much for this short and effective workouts that I can complete without feeling that I'm about to pass out. I have arthritis and I can't do long workouts because my joints suffer 🙁 So, I really want to thank you for providing these workouts that even people like me with chronic health conditions, can do.

  2. Anna is the silent killer. This workout did not seem intimidating at all buuuttttt….The next day i felt like someone hit my shoulders and back with a sledgehammer.

  3. I am limited on most abdominal exercises due to diastasis recti but I can do all of these moves except to one on the floor that required holding the sit up position while transferring the weight. Yay!

  4. Just completed this workout – it was awsome!!! Just getting back into working out and this workout was great – not too easy, and not too hard (I actually finished it!)! Used 3 lb dumbbells this time, and will increase the weight as I progress 😀 Thanks Anna and POPSUGAR !!! <3

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