1. So You are not on Bp Meds anymore? My Doctor said as long as My Bp stays under 140/90 it's all good?
    He said 110/70 guideline is crazy unless You are 90Lbs. Mine is 130/85 He says I don't need Meds? Sometimes it's 120/80 though as I am dieting and lost 30 lbs on Keto it seemed to help lower it. Hate to do Meds unless I have to with all the side effects.

  2. Hi Rick hi my name is Phil Howard I've been watching your show for over a year now and really enjoy it it's helped me out a lot and a year I lost a hundred pounds workout it 5 days a week but you can reverse high blood pressure I take pills for 15 years I quit eating carbs and I hate good fats lost a hundred pounds I reverse my high blood pressure by eating good and working out and taking nitrous oxide supplements and beet juice everyday before workout so thanks for all the shows you made it's really help me out hope your leg is feeling better and keep making videos

  3. Good on you Rick , your energy and demeanour look so much better, i never new you were dealing with such difficult injuries when i made a negative comment about how your energy appeared on the show. My apologies brother you are an inspiration and seeing you joking and smiling again is great.

  4. Good stuff.
    More people should know about high blood pressure, sleep apnea & other health issues that can come with being heavier. I had High Blood Pressure (average reading would be 145/90) I resolved it by going on a cut, decreased my intake of sodium, increased my intake of potassium & stopped wearing a powerlifting belt.
    My last Blood Pressure reading was 117/64.

    On a side note I had no idea you were in the Army Ric, I would love to hear more about this.

  5. I got diagnosed with A Fib last March, came out iof nowhere, Im in great shape for 60 yrs. old ,it just blindsided me, had my heart shocked, if was fine for a week, then came out of rhythm, my meds keep my A Fib in pretty good check now,so far.

  6. People keep talking like Rick is going down . bullshit people's well wishes are nice . But cease and desist with them .he is older not old and decrepit . he has just had a medical setback.and I think he suffers from depression.that shit is serious enough.he is fine and will be even better . he is a fuckin warrior . everyone quit with the negative well wishes.ask him to continue with date and dinner with a lady show he had in the works.besides that he has a longevity Gene inherited from his mother, just like Clint Eastwood.with a positive attitude and women and work and his children and maybe grandchildren he'll be around a long time.i think your awesome Rick Drasin .

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