1. Juliaaaaa hello ! I have this exact dog same color my French bulldog is actually is a mini ., Ive watched all the videos on your dog I have the EXACT issue and it’s getting sooo stressful because nothing is working 🥺, I am changing his food to fresh food . Does this receipt still work for your dog ?

  2. This video was SO helpful! I'm trying this tonight! Im also trying to fatten up my frenchie! Hes very skinny right now. Where did you get the scale from? And was it cost effective?

  3. Although it'd be great to do this for one dog but multiply that by 5 and you're into real money. We feed our dogs dry dog food with a little and I mean a little shredded chicken (boiled breast meat) and cheese sprinkled on top. The dry dog food that we use is good dog food. If you get dry dog food that doesn't have corn as one of the first two ingredients (check out the ingredient list), it's good dog food and good for them. Yeah, that's really expensive. Our good dry dog food is $1 per pound. Lately I've been buying the 35 pound Exide brand from Sam's Club. We sometimes buy a more expensive dry dog food that we mix with the normal but it's quality is just as good. They like the more expensive a little better so that's why we mix it in but they're dogs. When they get hungry, they'll eat. Our dogs are happy and healthy. Also, the OP seems to only feed her dog twice a day. That's the way to do it. If you leave a bowl of food out for them to snack on, they will and they'll get fat.

  4. tks for your amazing recipe. i can immediately addapt to my dog. Since i realize that she eat so quick that she dont even chew his food. manytimes i can see the cube of meat in her pop or her vomit that exactly the same when i fed her. That's the problem that i dont encounter with the others dog, they all eat slowly and chew. Then i try to cut the food smaller but it do not solve the whole problem. I think the way u prepare the food by blend it into a mixture like that not only tackle my issue but also is a real saving-time solution. Eagerly to try it! Many thanks!

  5. Awesome dog food. I do very similar to what you do for my own pup because of allergies. I use my crockpot and throw everything in it. I change up meat, veggies and grains each batch for variety. The only thing I’d be concerned about with your recipe is the lack of calcium. The Thorne supplement is good for all the trace vitamins and minerals, but doesn’t have enough calcium to balance the phosphorus. This can lead to calcium deficiency over time. The amount of calcium to add is 800-1000 mg per pound of food fed so basically 1000 mg per 16 oz of food or 500 mg per 8 oz of food. You can use ground eggshell which is cheap and a half teaspoon is about 1000mg calcium. Other choices are calcium carbonate, calcium citrate or bonemeal. I use calcium citrate from the Now brand. Other than that, kudos to you for giving your adorable pup the fresh food he deserves😀!

  6. Girl same problem here… so I just wanted to tell you… if you have times you can’t prepare the food or traveling or just need a break (it happens to the best of us… my dog is a mastiff… making his food is a JOB!!)…. our go to is Darwin’s food. It is organic grass fed beef, for allergy purposes I would def try the turkey or beef first, but they do offer chicken as well. And the ingredients are wonderful and my dog eats it just as well as the food I make him. So I just wanted you to know… because after a while…. it can get exhausting!!! ❤️❤️

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