1. MattΒ Β Β Β  Β Only when I have a bad cold do I get that much rest. It really helps! P.s We had a catered Mardi Gras King cake at work today….have you attempted one of these?

  2. Feel better soon πŸ˜·πŸ™. Some of the remedies that really help me when I'm sick is hot tea. Another is drinking apple cider vinegar, and eating raw garlic, and I know it sounds super gross and nasty, but it really really helps. It is supposed to boost your immune system and knock out all of the bad germs.

  3. MattΒ Β  My #1 remedy is burrowing under the covers and sleeping as long as possible….10 12 hours at the very least!Β Β Β  Netti pot is choice as well.Β  Feel better soon !

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