1. It'd be a good challenge sometime for one of your recipes in this series to try to fit multiple dietary restrictions. I've been in a community with someone being both dairy free and gluten free and sometimes gluten free needs to be corn free, too!

  2. I'd love to see you guys do 3 different homemade granola bar recipes 🙂 Cuz I have so many food sensitivities, I've started looking into making my own and there are some AMAZING recipes out there 😁 I made some for a friend (whose food sensitivities differ from mine) that involved dried apricots, apricot jam and dark chocolate and it was 100% worth the ensuing stomach pain to have gotten to try them! 🤣

    You could make one of the recipes vegan, too. So many involve honey, which a surprising number of people can't eat due to gut sensitivities like IBS, Gastroparesis, FPIES or any number of autoimmune disorders. Hell, you could even make the vegan one low-FODMAP 😁

    I'd love to see an actual low-FODMAP challenge, in general 🙂 It's a set of dietary restrictions that would really force you guys to push the limits of your creativity and I reckon you'd all do a fantastic job of coming up with awesome dishes from only low-FODMAP foods 😁👍

  3. why is Jamie the ONLY one of you boys that pronounces almond properly?
    You guys are british for christ sake. Your people created the english language. hence why it is called "english"
    I am a kiwi, and I can speak better english than a brit!

  4. You guys are great so I'm going to just tell you that cherry pitters cost a whole dollar. Please invest in one for the show. Also, I don't think that cherries are a thanksgiving food, even though I had some canned tart cherries that I accidentally put too much cornstarch into on top of my thanksgiving cheesecake.

  5. I don't usually love cherry but I think I might attempt it in the next few weeks. I'd love to see yall do a video on making Bear claws (almond and vanilla pastry thing) because I would liek to try to make it but I feel like I need to see yall do it first lol

  6. thank you for including a gluten free option! as someone with a terrible allergy to wheat/gluten, it is delightful to see you make something I could actually try to make/eat someday. 🙂

  7. The first one really is like the Dutch "appelflappen" (apple flaps) that we always eat on new years eve, but with cherries & almonds instead of apples & cinnamon. I might try the cherry version this year, it sounds yum

  8. Awesome Video, Sadly I won't get to make or taste any of these, since I have a Tree Nut Allergy… You have done Vegan and Gluten Free, why not do some Alternative Nut Free Recipes? Like this Cherry Pie but without the nut ingredients? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase 🙂

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