1. i am not fat anymore but my phone still ring >hey fatty> and i still wear my big clothes from time to time so i will never forget how bad it was to be fat.and i will never buy elastic clothes again.

  2. Why does he constantly change what you should eat when he does these videos? Eat 4:1 veggies to meat, only eat raw meat, eat whatever you want, changes snake juice recipe, fast for a month, fast for a week, you don't need to fast for more than three days. And now I guess drink your piss.

  3. ive been watching Mayas journey and hes right, shes making nervious, she might get to my goal weight faster than me., and I only need about 30lbs to lose haha. I am a pussie I guess.

  4. Few Questions, new here:
    1. Wouldn't you lose weight way too fast, thus resulting in loose skin?
    2. At such an extreme caloric deficit, wouldn't your muscle be eaten away?
    3. I've heard extreme fasting hurts your metabolism, is it true?

  5. Is it a bad idea to fast with a cold? I tried a 48 hr dry fast but was encouraged to drink water to rehydrate as my sinus are clogged with mucus, what’s your opinion Cole? I’m just starting the snake diet , after having success with it a year ago ,

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