1. If you live rural, you can just about give up on any treatment like this. The Mayo Clinic is swamped….you'll wait yrs to get an appointment. Healthcare in this country is always predicated on how close you are to good doctors and how much money/insurance you have.

  2. Why not the laser treatment? Someone comes up with another idea and maybe the old laser is more effective. Is this just a marketing gimmick? We need more positive testimonies.

  3. My hubby just had the procedure on early October 2019 , but not doing well , at the moment he’s suffering from infection and getting abscess in his prostate, now he will needed another surgery for removing his abscess which is very critical, so sad to see him more suffering at the situation now

  4. What is all the fuss? I am a 72 year old male and have had BPH since I was 50. My PSA has been as high as 11 and averaged around 8, which of course led to the inevitable red flag warning from the urologist and so I have had 3 biopsies, which were negative, just prostatitis which is "inflammation". Brilliant diagnosis. Then I discovered Beta Sitosterol . I take 225 mg per day and the results have been astounding. After one week, my prostate had shrunk by 80%. I use Nature's Potent, 500 mg complex which delivers the 225 BetaSit. I am not saying it will work for you but you are absolutely crazy if you don't try it. No side effects and the cost is less than filling up a tank of gas for 90 pills That is 3 months worth of effective treatment. Forget all this crap about beta blockers. I have been taking those for 10 years and it did nothing. Except enrich a drug manufacturer. What were the side effects pf betasit? Increased urine stream, one or no bathroom vists per night. Praise Beta Sitosterol.

  5. This treatment is available in india ? Because my father have a problem of prostate and i dont want to go for surgery because after surgery it may invite the chance of complication.

  6. FDA approved 2/27/18, Cost around $1,950, Pain control options during procedure; Prostate block,anti-anxiety/pain meds, conscious sedation, Side Effects see Mr. Garcia's post below. Best to discuss with your MD to determine if you need surgery, and which one is best for your condItion.

  7. does having Hypospadias prevent this procedure from being done? the opening is on the underside of my penis and about 12 inch behind the tip.

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